Montana Law Firm Rankings

Profits Per Equity Partner (3-year average)

RankFirmprofits per equity partner
1Dorsey & Whitney LLP$611,667 

Number Of Attorneys

RankFirmnumber of attorneys
1Dorsey & Whitney LLP531 
2Holland & Hart LLP394 

Partner : Associate Ratio

RankFirmpartner : associate ratio
1Holland & Hart LLP1.5 
2Dorsey & Whitney LLP1.2 

Percent Women Attorneys

RankFirmpercent women attorneys
1Holland & Hart LLP26.6% 
2Dorsey & Whitney LLP26.3% 

Percent Partners Who Are Women

RankFirmpercent partners who are women
1Holland & Hart LLP25.1% 
2Dorsey & Whitney LLP20.9% 

Percent Minority Attorneys

RankFirmpercent minority attorneys
1Holland & Hart LLP8.7% 
2Dorsey & Whitney LLP7.8% 

Percent Gay Attorneys

RankFirmpercent gay attorneys
1Dorsey & Whitney LLP1.2%