WiLLCox & Savage Employment and Summer Associate Program


Summer Program

In 2009, WiLLCox & Savage, P.C. had a class of 3 summer associates. All of them were considered for offers of employment. 2 offers were made.

Second year law students are paid $1,750 per week. First year law students are paid $1,650 per week.
1L weekly compensation$1,650
2L weekly compensation$1,750
are 1Ls considered?Yes
are split summers allowed?Yes
minimum weeks for split summers6
size of 2009 summer class3
2Ls considered for offers3
Offers made2


Notable WiLLCox & Savage benefits: 401(k)/IRA/Other Retirement Plan, Bar Association Fees, Business Casual Dress Code, CLE, Dental Insurance, Employee Assistance Program, Family/Dependent Care Leave, Flexible Spending Account/pre-tax Option, Life/AD&D, Long-term Disability Insurance, Medical Insurance, Parking/Transportation, Sick Leave, Technology (Laptop, PDA, etc.), Vacation Leave, Vision Insurance
associates who work part time1
partners who work part time1
other attorneys who work part time0

Billable Hours

The number of minimum billable hours for associates is 1,800.

Pro Bono

The firm has not reported whether it counts pro bono hours towards the minimum billable hours requirement. Pro bono hours are not counted the same as billable hours for the purposes of year-end bonuses.

Partnership Track

The firm's partnership track is 7 years. The firm does not have a tiered partnership.

Clerkship Bonus

The firm does not pay clerkship bonuses.

Recruiting Contacts

The firm's hiring attorney is Mr. Henry Huelsberg.

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