Miller & Chevalier Salaries and Profits per Partner


The starting salary in Miller & Chevalier's Washington, D.C. office is $145,000. By comparison, the average Washington, D.C. firm pays a starting salary of $143,206.
Associate Salaries
US Offices
Y1 $145,000
Y2 $155,000
Y3 $165,000
Y4 $175,000
Y5 $185,000
Y6 $190,000
Y7 $200,000
Note: This bar graph reports the salary of the average associate for each class year. For firms that pay different salaries in different offices, this data is calculated by weighting the salaries according to the number of associates in each office. For example, if a firm pays $120,000 to 10 first years in its New York office, and only $100,000 to 20 first years in its Dallas office, we will report that first years at the firm make (($120,000 x 10 + $100,000 x 20) / 30) = $10,666. Interestingly, many firms pay more to average third years than to average fourth years, because more third years work in higher paying offices.
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